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VIDEO: Graduating artists focus of exhibition that kicks off tonight

Beginning Thursday night and running until April 28, Art Gallery will be hosting Algoma University visual art thesis exhibition

Beginning tonight, Algoma University visual art students will have their thesis exhibition on display at the Art Gallery of Algoma.

Dubbed Seven, the exhibition kicks off at 7 p.m. today with an opening reception and will run until April 28.

The year-long project showcases the bodies of work of seven artists, including Starr Wemigwans, Golnar Barzan, Keith Nadjiwon, Rishi Sharma, TJ Pettanuzzo, Monet LePage and Nikita Virk.

"The diverse array of mediums employed by each artist, ranging from mixed media painting and textiles to installation, sculpture, immersive installations, digital collage, and drawing, underscores the individualized lines of inquiry and methodologies they have cultivated," says a release announcing the opening reception. 

"Amidst this diversity, a matrix of shared concerns and evocations emerges, encompassing themes of personal and collective narratives. The artworks also depict notions of loss and reclamation, exploration of identity through digital media, as well as contemplations on form and process, alongside reflections on memory, nostalgia, and longing. As a testament to the artists' dedication and creative capacity, the works on display in this exhibition bear witness to their ability to manifest their visions into tangible expressions."

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