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VIDEO: Did you know the Sault has an African grocery store?

'It's amazing to see we are meeting a need and we are growing a community,' says Ijeoma Oaikhena, owner of Triple J Market

The idea for Triple J Market came to Ijeoma Omosede Oaikhena when she realized she wasn't the only Saultite travelling long distances to get the African grocery items she needed. 

"The absence of an African store emerged as a significant deterrent for immigrants to stay and settle in the area," Oakhena told SooToday. "Prior to our existence, individuals like myself often had to make lengthy trips to other cities to fulfill their African grocery needs."

A foreign-trained doctor from Nigeria, Oakhena started the business from home in 2022, bringing in authentic African grocery products and beauty supplies for the local African and Caribbean community. The family business moved to a physical shop at 133 Gore Street in October.

Oakhena said her aim is that the shop transcends cultural boundaries.

"Our clientele includes individuals from various cultural backgrounds, with a particular focus on African and Caribbean communities. Additionally, we cater to immigrants, newcomers, and individuals who appreciate our store's rich cultural offerings," she said.


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