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The Summer Playhouse Rubies Soap Opera Digest

Episode Eight: Last Call at Rubies
at the Summer Playhouse
Wednesday, August 25
and Friday, August 27
at 12:10PM

Photo, courtesy of John Reed Hryszkiewicz: Who killed Melanie Stone? Detective Masotti interviews the conniving Judy Andrews while Mark Adams and his recently discovered sister-in-law Patricia look on.

Episode Seven: Detective Masotti Cracks Down
JUDY ANDREWS comes home to find JIM MOORE waiting for her, anxious to gloat about the recent events surrounding MELANIE’s murder and how he has manufactured evidence that points directly to Judy as her killer. But Jim quickly finds out who the master manipulator is, when Rubies bartender, CLIFFE FONTAINE steps out of Judy’s bedroom. Cliffe, it is revealed, is Judy’s TRUE accomplice, and he has videotaped Jim confessing to his murderous plot.
Meanwhile, at the police station, DETECTIVE MASOTTI and CADET STEELE have finally fingerprinted MARK and, discovering that it is indeed Mark’s fingerprints on the murder weapon, Mark is placed under arrest. Panicked, Mark confesses to the strangulation and dumping of Melanie’s body, but adamantly denies fatally shooting her in Rubies. Will Mark to ever escape being punished for his affair with Melanie?
Cadet Steele however, has gradually come to realize that Detective Masotti did not follow strict police protocol in the handling of the evidence. It is this junior detective that surmises the common denominator is Judy Andrews. She was at the shooting. She was left alone in the room with the weapon. Detective Masotti reluctantly acknowledges his blunder and makes Judy his prime suspect, though Mark remains in custody. It is time for the Sault’s finest in blue to pay JUDY another visit.
Can the cause of all this pain and suffering be avarice at City Hall? Can any position be worth a life?

Episode Six: Mark Makes a New Life
PATRICIA ADAMS returned to her husband MARK physically unscathed from her recent captivity, but her mental condition is teetering on the brink of madness. MARK, playing for time, makes a bold move and admits his affair with MELANIE STONE and that he knows PATRICIA is really the insane DEVON and that he loves her nevertheless. She believes him and he proposes a plan for them to flee the country where Devon can escape her past and Mark will be free from the relentless Detective Masotti.
But their reunion is interrupted by the arrival of the Real PATRICIA and now MARK puts the second phase of his plan into motion. Convincing his wife to pack for their trip, he devises a scheme to sedate her and transport her to a hospital with the help of her sister.
Meanwhile back at Rubies, DETECTIVE MASOTTI is discussing the murder of MELANIE STONE with his new protégé, CADET LUCY STEELE. Asked why he has not made an arrest as of yet, Detective Masotti explains that he is waiting for the forensics report. As if by fate the detective’s phone rings. The forensic report has cleared the number one suspect JUDY ANDREWS of the crime and now the investigation is back to square one. They do not know the prints on the murder weapon are MARK’S. Can Cadet Steele make a difference in solving this case?

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