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St. Mary’s yearbook team awarded for cover art creativity

Image placed first in regional competition by Friesen Press
2020-05-12 SMC Yearbook Cover
2019-2020 St. Mary's College yearbook cover. Image supplied

For the third time in four years the St. Mary’s College (SMC) yearbook team has been honoured for its creativity.

The cover of the 2019-2020 yearbook has been voted tops in the Ontario/Manitoba regional competition by Friesen Press. St. Mary’s College placed third last year in the annual regional competition and first nationwide. In 2017-18 they were first in the regionals.

The team selected 'Leaving Our Mark' as the theme for the 2019-2020 book. The background of the cover is a group shot of students at a football game. The main front cover image shows a student taking a photo with imagery symbolizing the memorable learning, events and activities of the class of 2020’s time at St. Mary’s College.

“This collaboration with my peers for the cover design represents how St. Mary’s students will leave a lasting impression for years to come on our school community. The doodles are creative and whimsical to represent light-hearted fun, which is what makes high school enjoyable and memorable,” said yearbook team member, Amarrah Deluca.  

Deluca, a Grade 11 student, added that considering what is happening due to the coronavirus the theme is even more appropriate.

“During these difficult times in quarantine, it’s our memories and the marks our friends have left on us that are getting us through this and keeping us strong. Now more than ever, ‘leaving our mark’ is prevalent to each student at our school and I think this theme encompasses exactly what this entire year has done to our lives.”

SMC yearbook teacher Polly Garson agrees that the theme selected by the students is very appropriate given the situation.

“It was an honour and a pleasure to lead such a talented, enthusiastic and dedicated group of students in publishing this year’s yearbook. I am very proud of their collaboration during the creative process and the outcome of not only the design, but the meaning behind the theme,” said yearbook teacher, Polly Garson.

As was the case in previous years, winning the regional contest will see the SMC Yearbook Team’s entry move on to the Friesen’s national Yearbook Cover Contest.