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Sault Symphony Orchestra in Double Trouble

Orchestra’s third show of the season to be held at The Machine Shop on Sunday, March 5, with children’s concert at Precious Blood Cathedral the day before
Sault Symphony Orchestra at an October 2022 rehearsal.

Stephen Mallinger, the Sault Symphony Orchestra’s artistic director, says the group of 40 classical musicians has a unique concert experience in store for its next performance to be held beginning at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 5 at The Machine Shop.

“The first half is all concertos for two players, which is a little unusual,” Mallinger told SooToday.

“I’ve certainly never been to a concert where I’ve seen that many double concertos,” said Mallinger referring to the show’s program.

“There are usually a lot more solo concertos than double concertos. I don’t think the orchestra’s ever done anything like this so we thought we’d try something totally different and run double concertos.”

Because of that, the SSO has called its next show Double Trouble.

The performance will include Concerto in D minor for Two Violins and Strings by Bach featuring Kimlan Bell and Anya Mallinger.  

“There’s also a two flute concerto that has a very different sound because the flutes make a completely different sound from the strings obviously, and the Mozart concerto for violin and viola is one of a kind,” Mallinger said of the upcoming performance.

“The Mendelssohn piece in the program called The Hebrides is another interesting piece of music. Mendelssohn visited The Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland and he came across an island that has a cave called Fingal’s Cave. It’s a pretty spectacular place so he wrote that piece of music based on his visit to Fingal’s Cave.” 

The SSO will also be holding a BYO-BABY Kids Concert beginning at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 4 at Precious Blood Cathedral’s church hall.

Admission is free to that event but donations will be accepted.

Children and youth of any age are welcome to attend.

Double Trouble comes after a well attended SSO Christmas Concerto at The Machine Shop on Sunday, Dec. 11.

“It went really well,” Mallinger said.

“We had a packed house, a really fun Christmas concert and so many people told us that they really enjoyed that concert being held on a Sunday afternoon. That’s going to be a good fit for the orchestra and our audience.”          

Tickets for Double Trouble are available online.

The SSO’s fourth and final concert of its 2022-23 Golden Jubilee Season entitled Mozart at the Movies 2 will be held on Sunday, May 14 - Mother’s Day - at The Machine Shop.

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