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People droned on for hours

Long, slowly changing sounds could be heard at 180 Projects and the Gore Street Cafe on Saturday as Sault Ste. Marie took part in a cross-country 'holiday' dubbed National Drone Day.
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MIchael Burtch (left) rubs a synthetic rubber-like material on the gongs while Disengaged Youth (right) plays a Kaossilator sound generator at 180 Projects on Saturday as part of National Drone Day. Photo by Jeff Klassen for SooToday

Long, slowly changing sounds could be heard at 180 Projects and the Gore Street Cafe on Saturday as Sault Ste. Marie celebrated National Drone Day.

There were 29 different drone events held across Canada and around the world, including Latvia, Germany, Bulgaria, and the UK.

In the Sault, artists used electronic instruments, tape loops, percussion, and other forms of sound-making in a "celebration of drone, experimental, and ambient music."

National Drone Day's website reads, "Drone Day is a reclamation of the idea of a holiday, of a community celebration with no purpose beyond a shared interest in drone music, a community, and a marked moment in time."

Locally, the celebration of drone ran from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. with performances and activities at both 180 Projects and the Gore Street Cafe.

Performances included those from Michael Burtch, Pete Mozarowski, Jupiter Marvellous, Christopher Shoust, Jason Willet and many others.

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