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Organizers 'hopeful but cautious' about hosting Bon Soo 2021

February dates have been selected
2020-02-09 Bon Soo Polar Bear Swim DMH-82
Mr. Bon Soo file photo. Donna Hopper/SooToday

Organizers of the annual Bon Soo Winter Carnival are "hopeful but cautious" about hosting an event in 2021, and have selected Feb. 5 through 15 as the dates for upcoming festivities.

 "We are hopeful that if able, we can move forward with events that brought you joy throughout the past years. Given the unfortunate circumstances that we find ourselves in, we may have to modify some events and/or postpone others until 2022," states a news release issued today by the Ontario Winter Carnival Board of Directors.

"Bon Soo is currently trying to plan events that meet the COVID-19 health guidelines for group size and distancing," the release continues. "We take the outbreak very seriously, and will be implementing a number of precautionary measures to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and visitors."

Events panned for the 2021 festival will take place once again at the Machine Shop as well as other locations throughout the city.

The Bon Soo office is currently closed to the public, but anyone interested in more information is encouraged to reach out to the organization through Facebook or by email at