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SalDan Construction Group partners with Mike Holmes to 'make it right'

Construction and development company with roots in the Sault joins 'Holmes Approved Homes' program

SalDan Construction Group is now endorsed by one of Canada’s most revered personalities in the building and construction industry. 

Mike Holmes, host of the popular television show Holmes on Homes, recently announced that the construction and development company with roots in Sault Ste. Marie is the newest partner in the Holmes Approved Homes program, a designation that comes with Holmes’ own stamp of approval.   

SalDan Construction Group Vice President Joey Biasucci tells SooToday that his company is proud to partner with Holmes and the Holmes Approved Homes program, which only has a little more than 30 construction and building groups on its roster nationally. 

“Their slogan is ‘make it right’, and I think for us, it was the biggest fit because that’s our number one thing. That’s what we try to do, make everything right as best as we can,” Biasucci said.  

And that work - which has allowed the company to expand from the Sault to offices in both Sudbury and Toronto - has received a glowing review from Mike Holmes himself. 

“Buying or renovating a home is a huge investment. I’ve seen a lot of shoddy construction and tears over the years,” Holmes said in a YouTube video introducing SalDan as the newest building partner to the Holmes Approved Homes program. “That’s why I’m partnering up with SalDan Construction Group, a family-owned construction and development company that builds to my standards.”

“They have years of experience in construction, and they will build you a strong, durable home the first time. SalDan is an award-winning builder that has proven itself as an innovator in the industry. Only using the highest quality materials, the best sub-trades and a passion to make it right is what makes SalDan the best in Toronto and northern Ontario.”

The Holmes Approved Homes program runs each of its partners through a detailed, third party inspection process at critical stages of construction prior to receiving an ‘approved builder’ designation. 

“There’s a lot of onus that’s put on the builder for this. There’s a whole third party inspection aspect of this that we’re required to complete for the homeowners - and even for the home itself,” said Biasucci. “So there is some accountability, it’s not just something [where] you get a logo, you’re part of the program.” 

“There’s some onus that you have to be accountable to. That’s one of the biggest things I liked about the program.”

Biasucci says it was another local connection that got the ball rolling on SalDan Construction Group becoming one of Holmes’ approved builders. As it turns out, one of the managers and head inspectors for Holmes Approved Homes is also from Sault Ste. Marie. 

“A couple of guys on their team are from the Sault, and that’s kind of how this was brought to me,” he said. “I didn’t really know a lot about the program, so I dug into it a bit, and it was something that worked for us and definitely worked for them.”

Biasucci tells SooToday that the main ingredient to the success the company has earned over the past 39 years - SalDan was incorporated in 1981, and will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year - can be traced back to his father Sam Biasucci, president of SalDan Construction Group. 

“Our number one thing - and it’s always been my father’s main sticking point - is customers are first. Customer service is number one,” said Biasucci. “Make sure your customers are happy, and others will come.”

“We don’t shy away from what it costs to make things right, to do things properly.”

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