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Letter: The city needs more supers like this

Pay it forward!

SooToday received the following letter from apartment resident Mary-Lynne Matheson, who wishes more superintendents were like the one at her building:

Spread the word through all apartment buildings across our city. 

During this busy time of year, our superintendent at 36 Boehmer Boulevard has provided the residents an easy and convenient way of donating to the soup kitchen. 

He places a box outside the door of his apartment. 

Residents can place their contributions in the box at any time of day or night. 

He collects all the goods and the last day to collect goods is December 20, to ensure that there is enough time to take the donations to the soup kitchen. 

He enables us to do this act of kindness. 

On behalf of all of us, he has received a plaque every year, for the past six years, to acknowledge the contributions provided. 

They are displayed on the wall in our entrance way. 

PAY IT FORWARD!  SPREAD THE WORD!  It is not complicated. 

If your superintendent does not live in your building, anyone can volunteer to do this. 

If you need help to transport the goods to the soup kitchen, please call us at 705-253-4751 and leave a message. 

Will ensure that all donations are delivered on time.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mary-Lynne Matheson


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