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Letter: It's time to call in a higher power in steel plant crisis

It's time to pray says one retired steel worker

SooToday received the following letter from retired steel plant worker Gene Monin:

To all of you who care about the steel plant continuing to operate — we are faced with possibly the worst financial crisis the steel plant has had to date.

Sault Ste. Marie faces long term challenges if the plant shuts its doors.

Great minds are striving to an agreement and we wait anxiously on the sidelines for a satisfactory settlement for all parties.

In times of great trouble, we can apply our prayers while we wait. I appeal to all to pray to your Higher Power to assist everyone involved in these negotiations. If you never pray or don't know how to pray, just ask that workers will have jobs to go to and all who depend on the steel plant staying in business.

We know that we cannot do everything ourselves and rely on a power outside who can move mountains and bring people together.

We ask for openness, honesty and bargaining in good faith. May pride, selfishness, prejudice and stubborness be laid aside.

We rely on the plant's prosperity for our own community. We recognize its presence as a good citizen and pray that it will be here for many more years.

We pray for the workers, their families, contractors, suppliers and businesses that rely on a healthy steel plant.

We pray that a good spirit will fill the negotiators and judges, for patience, harmony, wisdom and perseverance for them and their families.

We pray that the plant will continue to be a safe and prosperous workplace and ask that all join in this endeavour.

May unity and a common purpose prevail.

Thank you,

Gene Monin, retired steel plant worker
Queen Street East, Sault Ste Marie


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