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LETTER: Early morning trip home ruined by shabby city roads

We will not be coming back to the Sault anytime soon
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The following letter about the state of Sault Ste. Marie's roads came from Iva Bedynski:

I am writing in regards to the road conditions in Sault Ste.Marie.

My husband and I did the eight hour drive from Ottawa and had a wonderful Easter in the Sault.

The morning we were due to leave we woke up at 5:30 a.m sharp to get an early start.

Our trip came to an abrupt end when we hit a pothole on Black Road right before accessing Trunk.

The car in front of us suffered the same fate as we saw him hit one and start fishtailing out of control.

We did not have a chance to react and blew a tire instantly.

What was meant to be an early start ended up being a five hour delay with a $250 bill.

How embarrassing for the Sault. A major thoroughfare for travellers in absolute shambles.

Someone is going to get seriously hurt or worse one of these days.

What does it take to go fill some potholes that we all know you are well aware of?

It is absolutely unacceptable.

We will not be coming back to the Sault anytime soon. You have left a bad taste in our mouth.

Shame on you City of Sault Ste. Marie and Mayor Provenzano.

- Iva Bedynski

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