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Letter: Bellevue park dog problem

'Bellevue park dog owners are not being respectful and following the rules of dog on a leash'

SooToday has received the following Letter to the Editor from reader Jennifer Moore regarding unleashed dogs in Bellevue Park.

So this has become an issue for my family and I want to know if any of you agree. Bellevue Park dog owners not being respectful and following the rules of dog on a leash. Just today I had to pick up my dog because one four times her size was loose.

All I ask is that you leash it to let me go by. I was almost to my car when it came running at me. I screamed, "Tie your dog up!" They just shrugged and called the dog back.

The other day, a lady with two large dogs on a leash wanted to socialise them with mine I said no mine doesn't do well with big dogs. She would not take no for an answer! All she kept saying was how friendly hers were.

Well mine isn't always so friendly with big dogs. Finally, my mom rolled down the car window where she was sitting and screams out, "She said no!" We have an off leash dog park make use of it and respect me and my dog.

Pictured above is my dog Abby so you can see she's only 10 lbs.

Jennifer Moore


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