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Born amid the pandemic, Soup Witch says focus on takeout helped new restaurant survive

After a year in business, the place continues to thrive and grow, says head chef Mana Goodfellow

Its been a year since the Soup Witch opened its doors to the public and despite the pandemic, things have been great, says Mana Goodfellow, co-owner and head chef of the soup and sandwich shop at the corner of Fourth Line and Old Goulais Bay Road.

"We focused on mainly being a takeout place, and that really played to our favour," said Goodfellow.

Another contributing factor to the fledgeling eating spot's success, says Mana, is location. Hospital workers as well as those operating in Industrial Park have been working continuously throughout the pandemic, and Soup Witch's close proximity to these locations have made it a favourite place  to grab a quick meal on the go.