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Mustang Sally’s youngest members ready for 'cosmic' challenge

'I’ve always liked rock, but I never appreciated it as much as I do now': Korah's long-running band looks to go 'Out of This World' with live shows running from Apr. 24 to 26

Members of Mustang Sally will be looking to save the world when they present a jam-packed lineup of classic rock tunes in their upcoming “Out of This World” show later this month.

In two weeks, members of the public, including upwards of 3,500 elementary students, will be making their way through Korah Collegiate to enjoy a performance that promises to create a cosmic collision of music and mayhem.

While the Korah rock and roll band traditionally features Grade 11 and 12 students in the main shows, students in the younger grades find themselves in the spotlight this year.

Grade 8 student and Mustang Sally’s Eden St Amour only started learning the drums a year ago when fellow bandmember Carmen Muto convinced him to get involved with music.

The youngest member of the group this year, St Amour is looking forward to sharing his newfound passion when he backs up the band for his first-ever set of big concerts.

“I had never really been musical before,” he said. “I sort of just started playing and I feel like I picked it up pretty quickly. I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not at first – it just happened.”

Practicing his craft every day while actively taking lessons, St Amour is anticipating he’ll be with the band throughout all of his high school years.

“There were some songs where I was really stumped, so the lessons have helped me out a lot,” he said. “I hope that I can go far with the drums because I really enjoy it. I’ve always liked rock since I was little, but I never appreciated it as much as I do now. I’m super pumped for the show.”

Kate Bird, a Grade 10 student with a lively passion for classic rock, will be sharing her musical abilities on the keyboard for the second straight year.

She’ll also be providing backup vocals for the first time in her early career with the band.

“I was in a choir when I was younger, and I was even helping the singers in the band with their harmonies, so Mr. Ryckman offered me a microphone,” she said. “Normally I’m not really that nervous, but since I’m singing now and there’s a song where I sing on my own, I feel a bit more nervous because I can’t just hide behind my keyboard.”

Fortunately, Bird has had no shortage of support from her counterparts.

“The other singers have been really encouraging,” she said. “I feel like we’ve gotten a lot closer this year. We have a lot of inside jokes, so it’s been a lot of fun.”

Greg Ryckman, who oversees the program, has been incredibly proud of the students’ contributions to the group as they mapped out the design and structure of this year’s “cosmic” show.

“The kids get their input into this,” he said. “A lot of their ideas can be out there, but I’ve learned if you consider them, sometimes there’s some gold in there.”

“We decided we’re really going to look at each kid and pick music that’s going to suit that person,” he added. “That’s where a lot of the ideas for the show comes from, because it’s the idea that unity is stronger than one person. All of their eclectic music styles come together and they beat the alien forces. It’s going to be really cool.”

“Out of This World” takes place from Apr. 24-26 inside the Korah Collegiate auditorium. Tickets are $10 at the door and children 12 and under are free. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Full details from Mustang Sally are below:


“Out of This World”: Cosmic Rockers Unite in Electrifying Showdown to Save the Universe

Get ready for a cosmic collision of music and mayhem as “Out of This World” takes center stage in an epic showdown to save the universe. Presented by Mustang Sally, students from Korah Collegiate and the Algoma District School Board, this electrifying performance promises to defy gravity and rock your world like never before.

The year is 2051, in a universe where the very essence of rock and roll is under threat, a diverse group of young musicians bands together to fight back against the forces of darkness. Led by the dynamic group known as Mustang Sally, these cosmic rockers unite in a thrilling showdown against extraterrestrial adversaries set on silencing the sound of rebellion.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of cosmic rock rebellion, where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance and the power of music reigns supreme. Featuring mind-bending visuals, explosive musical performances, and a narrative that spans the galaxies, “Out of This World” is a show unlike any other.

Don’t miss out on this epic event! Tickets are available now for an experience that’s truly “Out of This World.”

Event Details:

Date: April 24/25/26

Time: Doors open at 6:30pm

Venue: Korah Collegiate

Ticket Price: $10 (12 and under FREE with parent or guardian)


Contact: Korah Collegiate – 705-945-7180

For media inquiries or press passes, please contact Greg Ryckman at [email protected] or 705-945-7180

About Mustang Sally:

Mustang Sally is a dynamic ALL STUDENT cosmic rock band known for their rebellious spirit and electrifying performances. Comprised of a diverse group of talented musicians, they have captured the hearts of audiences across the galaxy (Canada) with their powerful music and message of unity. With “Out of This World,” they aim to inspire audiences to embrace their individuality and stand together against the forces of darkness.

About the Show:

“Out of This World” combines the raw energy of rock and roll with the boundless wonders of the cosmos. Featuring a captivating narrative, stunning visuals, and powerhouse musical performances, it promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend. Join us as we embark on a cosmic journey unlike any other, where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance and the power of music reigns supreme.

Student bandmembers: Kate Bird, Ayla Shaw, Mikayla Tremblay, Meaghan Rosso, Olivia Merrett, Olivia Atkinson, Carmen Muto, Eden St Amour, Jaxon Larue, and Elijah Morin.

Teachers and volunteers: Greg Ryckman, Stephanie Mattalo, Sam Spadafora, Jason Young, and Aurele Gingras.

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