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CHISHOLM, Walter Jr. (Skippy)


October 6, 2005

Skippy my darling, it’s now 12 years since our Lord has called you home. I’m writing this memoriam from Gros cap were you proposed to me 52 years ago and also were Wayne our oldest proposed to a lovely girl Marcy on top of Gros Cap bluff. He (finally) got married in August (haha).

The girls Tammy and Channa are busy with their lives, but when I need help, they are always there for me. Shane is in Nashville doing what he loves best (singing) and doing very well. The grandchildren always keep you in their prayers, miss you a lot, and we now have two great grandchildren – Owen, 20 months, and Cadence, three months, but of course you already know that, Honey (haha).

Well, Skippy, I’m still camping at Marks Bay and loving it. Thanks to Mark, Mary and Dave, I keep coming (God willing).

I received a wonderful surprise gift from my special friends Joanne and Dutchy – a golf cart that just needed a little work. Thanks to Roger, who I just met, who fixed the cart. Thanks to the guys, Ralph, John, Ron, Dino, and Dave who helped me also. Thank you Kim for sending Roger over (Roger, you are my hero).

I’m having a great time out here playing lots of washer toss and camp fires and games with my friends. (P.S. I hope to beat you guys in washer toss next year haha). The people out here are wonderful and they all take good care of me. I’m so fortunate to have friends like that (Thank you everyone).

I will always put the flowers on my white Toyota car in memory of you, Skippy. In fact, a reporter (Jeff) did a beautiful story on the flowers and our life back in May, and explained why I do it (Thank you, Jeff).

Well, Honey, I’m going down memory lane once more when we waltzed to the Roy Orbison special one night at 3 a.m., and waltzed when you could hardly stand up but wanted to dance a little with me. I will never forget that night, my darling.

Skippy, you always said that marriage was like a long-term friendship – the more you work at it, the stronger the love becomes. And you are so right, Honey my love, for yours is so strong, I feel it every day. So, fellow friends, when you find love, hold on to it because your heart never lies.

Well, Skippy, I’m signing off for now, and I’m now going to pick up Barb and my high school buddy and go to the boardwalk and reminisce and look at the beautiful view.

Love you every minute, hour and day, Skippy my love.

Carolyn, your Honey Bunny