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Terry St. Jules


Terrry St.Jules
Mom/Grandma : You left a permanent mark on our hearts and souls. (April 21, 2014) 10 years have passed already and , you have missed so much.

Even in your absence, your love and light continue to shine through the darkness.

Your presence has been missed but your love still fills our hearts. Even though you are gone our precious memories will keep us company until we meet you again. Your presence in our lives was a blessing that will never fade away. You may not be here but your spirit continues to shines bright and your legacy of love and kindness lives on. You are the original MAMA. You had the biggest heart and would give the shirt off your back for someone in need. Everyone knew this about you. This is a trait that is in us now and certainly defines us from others. For that we thank you deeply as you have instilled genuineness in us that the world lacks today . You were the best cook so Thank you for teaching me how to cook like you. Life has not been the same without you …..

On this day, ten years ago, we shared our last goodbye. You've become the wind that whispers in our ears, the sun that warms us, and the moon that watches over our dreams. May your soul be at eternal peace. We miss you, always.

Forever loved by your daughter and grandchildren.