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These Fall days remind us of one year ago on October 16th when our Dad and Gramps(Bill Storozuk) left us. Death’s sting is becoming more dull yet our memories are ever bright and full with so much of your presence. You are all around us in so many ways. The smell of harvest meals and sweet desserts remind us of your great love of good things. In the taste of a sweet plump raspberry or of fruity wine, you are there. To run our hand along the smooth, rich wood of one of your creations brings your generous heart to life in us. We miss your warm and loving ways, your laugh, your beautiful smile... yet we need not look far but into each other’s eyes to see you there.
We remember you, especially in these Fall days - the fresh air in our lungs and crunch of leaves beneath our feet remind us that you and Mom go with us.
We are full of gratitude this Thanksgiving for all that you continue to be for us in our lives.
We remember and miss you dearly, Dad and Gramps.
Leslie, Patti, Pam, Peter, Mackenzie, Leah, Pat, James, Rikki, and Chris.