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Kevin Christopher Hammond



On this your 60th earthly birthday remembering... Your uncanny ability to watch Christiane Amanpour for 60 minutes and be able to recite all the current world headlines. You had a discerning palette and blindfolded you could choose Indian dishes over Thai, Italian over Greek dishes but the one dish you loved over others was your mom's boiled cod drizzled with fried bacon bits and grease scraped from the bottom of the pan. You would say, "It tastes so good because it was made with love." You were a diligent competitor, always thinking three plays ahead when playing chess or Risk. Whenever a new Gordon Lightfoot tune would come out, you learned it perfectly. You always loved the classics Daylight Katy, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and If You Could Read My Mind. More than anything you loved your mother, your daughters Katie and April. Rest in the arms of those who have gone before you, forgive me for forgetting you were a humble man with a deep soul. Patty-Ann