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VIDEO: Giving back: Family honours father's legacy

James Bennett is described by his family as a kind, caring, and giving person, who always did whatever he could to help. When he passed away earlier this year, his family noticed many ways in which end-of-life care could be improved with help from some fundraising.

James Bennett was consistently the first person to volunteer to help those around him, and taught his family to do the same.

After seeing the lack of funding available for end-of-life care for those spending their last days in a retirement home, the family decided they needed to initiate change and continue to give back to the community in James' honour.

His children and wife have now started the James K. Bennett Palliative Care Fund, which aims to provide items to retirement homes throughout the area that would make end-of-life care more comfortable for loved ones and their families.

The first fundraising event for the fund takes place on Thursday, October 13 at Grand Gardens North.

More information on the initiative and how to donate can be found on the Facebook page, here.