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Sault woman to offer free prom night makeovers (5 photos)

Iesha Godbout passionate about makeup, giving to others

The Sault’s Iesha Godbout will be giving free makeovers to young local women who want to look and feel their best at their proms upon graduating from high school this June.

After Lifeforia Wellness Club’s sudden closing in June 2017, not long before high school proms were to be held, Iesha put the word out through social media to Lifeforia clients in need of a makeover, or young women who could not afford a makeover for last year’s prom, to come to her for help.

“It just went viral and I had a whole bunch of girls messaging me… I couldn’t take all of them, I did about 20, and then this year I said I want to do it again but I want to be able to take care of all the girls,” Iesha told SooToday.

June may seem far away, but now is the time for young women to start preparing for the prom.

Iesha once again reached out through Facebook and invited other women to join her in performing free prom makeovers.

Three makeup artists and three hairstylists have stepped up to help Iesha’s Beauty Community free prom makeover program, to be held at the Indian Friendship Centre at 122 East St. June 6, 24 and 26 (the dates of local proms).

“It’s completely free. All we ask is for women to bring their own foundation, lashes if they want them, and preferably their own lipstick so they can reapply it later that evening,” Iesha said.

Julie Godbout, Iesha’s mother, will be doing eyebrow shaping the day prior to each prom at her Jewel Wellness salon, located at the Sault YMCA at 235 McNabb St.

“We could do lots of girls this year. We have a huge team,” Iesha said.

“It’s about making everybody feel beautiful. I think people really don’t realize how much it means for someone to feel confident in their own skin, not that anybody needs makeup to be beautiful, but I think it makes someone’s night that much better when they ‘feel’ beautiful.”

The program is for young women who want to attend their prom this summer, but can’t afford a makeover in a time when everything is expensive.

“I remember being in high school and having friends of mine be stressed out about their makeup. It’s expensive to have your makeup done professionally, it’s very expensive (approximately $50, plus a tip),” Iesha said.

Iesha, a Superior Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram sales consultant who loves trucks and horses, said “makeup (which could be described as Iesha’s unofficial second job) is my passion.”

“I never charge for makeup. I do brides all the time for free. I do at least three girls a week, for their birthday, stag and doe parties, and I have brides for four weddings lined up for the summer already.”

Iesha will often perform the makeovers at mother Julie’s Jewel Wellness salon at the Sault YMCA, but said “usually it’s easier for the girls if I go to see them.”

“I’ll go to their house and do their makeup or they’ll come to my house if it’s in the evening or early in the morning, whatever is best for them.”

Iesha has been doing makeovers for the past three years, inspired by watching her mother.

“It’s like art. I can’t paint on a canvas for the life of me, but makeup is fun,” Iesha smiled.

A typical makeover will last for about 45 minutes, Iesha said.

Sara Eastman received a free makeover from Iesha Monday to help spread the word about Iesha’s free prom makeover program.

“50 people replied through Facebook (to Iesha, for Monday’s promotional makeover) and I got picked,” Sara smiled.

“I recommend Iesha 100 per cent,” Sara said, commending the makeup artist for her soft touch.

“I couldn’t even tell she was giving me a makeover when my eyes were closed and she was doing my eyes, I was so calm.”

Young women eager to look their best for their prom may contact Iesha Godbout at (705) 975-5886 or Chantelle Day at (705) 256-5634 now in order to reserve their spot for a free makeover in June.

Women who want their eyebrows shaped may contact Julie Godbout at (705) 206-8936.

Julie said her hours are flexible, as the Sault YMCA is open for most of the day. 

“Life isn’t about what you have, it’s about how much you give,” Iesha said.

“Later in life, I want to think back about how I made a difference. I think this event really does make a difference. It makes me feel good and it makes others feel good.”