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Vinyl re-issue of Room 206's 1993 cassette officially drops (5 photos)

Soolebrity Records’ first pressing of '2 Innies and 1 Outie' is now available and includes bonus tracks featuring members of No Doubt, Goldfinger and No Use for a Name

The Sault music scene in 1993 was extremely varied.

One of the outlier bands at the time, Room 206, was made up of three grade 10 musicians – bass player Brad Lacell, drummer Al Watson, and guitarist/vocalist Mike Yorke.

For a band still in high school, their vision was bold and different than what was happening on the scene.

Room 206 recorded their songs at Satellite Sound, the Sault’s only professional recording studio at the time, eventually releasing 2 Innies and 1 Outie.

The album was a massive success especially amongst the band’s peers and they were playing to large crowds at their own and multi-band shows. 

Looking to expand their local success, the band did what many before them have done: moved to Toronto to take a shot at fame and eventually broke up.

Twenty-eight years later, the impact of their only album is still felt.

Mikey Hawdon, founder of Soolebrity Records, decided to re-release the cassette on vinyl.

The songs were transferred from a 27-year-old cassette, remastered and pressed on vinyl with slightly different artwork.

The release also contains newly re-recorded versions of two unreleased Room 206 songs, featuring some well-known guests including Adrian Young of No Doubt, Darrin Pfeifferr of Goldfinger and Matt Riddle of No Use for a Name.

The vinyl pressing of 2 Innies and 1 Outie was officially released by Soolebrity Records on Wednesday, Dec. 22 and is a limited edition pressing with only 206 copies being made available, many of those pre-purchased through a pre-order campaign.

The limited nature of this release ensures that it will be a collector's item.

A limited number of copies are still available at The Rad Zone.

Contact Soolebrity Records at for more details on the album and how to secure your copy of this limited pressing.

Watch a promotional video for the vinyl re-release of Room 206’s album here.

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