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Special High-Ratio 3 Year Fixed Closed 1.79 %

Looking for a mortgage that fits you perfectly? You’ve come to the right place. From first time to lifetime, we have all kinds of flexible mortgage options to suit your needs.


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About Northern Credit Union

If it’s not Northern, it’s not for you. Since 1957, Northern Credit Union has provided the residents and businesses of Northern Ontario with great value, excellent service and the best financial products available.

Unlike the banks and their stakeholders, it’s our members who own the credit union. They’re the ones we report to, and we’re proud to keep every last one of their dollars working right here in the North; investing in our members, the community and the over 5,000 Northern businesses that keep us strong.

Our name says it all. Northern Credit Union is a homegrown financial institution that embraces everything the North stands for. Our culture, our Northern pride, that sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself—that’s True North Strong. And it’s something we all share.

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