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Fun Farm Play Center/Steel City MMA


Steel City MMA
130 Wellington St East
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Camp Type: General, Sports Focused
Camp Schedule: Full Day
Sports Camp Activities: Other Sports
Weekly Budget: $200 to $299
Age: Children, Pre-Teens

Welcome to another spectacular summer at Steel City MMA and Fun Farm Play Center’s Summer Camps! Your child will get everything you would expect from a quality summer camp; themed games and activities, arts & crafts, outdoor play, field trips and special guests. Additionally, our campers will have access to the Fun Farm Play Center and will learn practical anti-bullying and self-defense strategies from our expert instructors and take part in character development activities that encourage responsibility, respect, confidence and self-discipline.

Ages 5 - 12


July 2nd - 5th - Zombie Invasion Week

Participants learn basic survival skills, engage in zombie-survival physical training, as well as other zombie-related crafts and activities. The week will culminate with an all out nerf zombie battle.


July 8th - 12th – Martial Arts Week

Campers learn a variety of martial arts  the cultures they come from. Students will also learn about the positive attributes such as dedication, perseverance, teamwork and focus that it takes to become a champion martial artist.


July 15th - 19th – Star Wars Week

Young padawans begin their Jedi training!  This will include making their own lightsabers, Jedi physical training, and working on understanding the darkside by participating in an anti-bullying workshop.


July 22nd - 26th - Superheroes Week

Children learn about the characteristics of a hero.  Campers will also be engaging in some superhero-style training, create superhero disguises, and dress up like their favourite superheroes. Finally, campers will learn about and visit with some real life heroes, our emergency service personnel.


July 29th to Aug 2nd - Girls Empowerment Week

A week of skill-building, empowerment and leadership led by our incredible female coaches. Participants this week will learn from inspiring female instructors and guests as well as participate in activities to help them develop their own voice and become strong, confident girls, both physically and mentally.


Aug 6th -  9th - Olympic Games

Welcome to the Olympic Games! Campers will decide which of the five regions of the world, they will compete as for the week. From there, campers will participate in opening ceremonies, complete sport-specific training, and participate in exhibition games in a variety of sports! Campers will also enjoy very special visits from some of Sault Ste. Marie’s best athletes and be able to ask them about their experiences competing at the highest levels!


Week 7: Aug 12th -  16th - Ogitchida Week (Native Warriors)

Ogitchida Warriors is a summer camp aimed at native youth and teaching what it means to be a true warrior: To stand up for others and your community, to help those who need it, to defend the earth and its creatures. Through Martial Arts participants will develop better overall health, learn the importance of nutrition, and develop self-defense and anti-bullying techniques.


Week 8: Aug 19th - 23rd - Ninja Training Week

Let your child harness their inner ninja! Participants will learn about the physical and mental skills necessary to become a ninja, learn martial arts and use obstacle courses at the Fun Farm to develop ninja-level agility. Participants will design and create their own ninja costumes and learn about the code of honour that ninjas must follow. The week will culminate with a field trip to 17 Barbells Ninja Training and Obstacle facility.



Before April 7th

$199.99 + tax


Before May 6th

$225 tax


After June 3rd

$250 + tax


email us for additional discounts for multiple weeks or siblings


 Link to registration page