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Pita Pit is the future of quick casual food service. We know that people want to change the way we eat, along with something unique and healthy. At Pita Pit, we’re proud of what we put into our pitas, and equally proud of what we don’t. Nothing’s deep-fried, battered or grilled in fat. We don’t add salt unless you tell us you want it. And we don’t stuff our good-for-you, great-tasting fillings in big wads of bread as thick as a mattress.

Pita Pit isn't your usual fast food restaurant. We don't serve the overdone and same old burgers, subs, and pizza options that our competitors do. All of our food, along with each of our ingredients are fun and fresh, and reflect the new and healthy active lifestyles many of us enjoy.

Welcome to fresh thinking and healthy eating at Pita Pit, a proudly Canadian place to eat.

Our People