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Grassetto Coffee House

Expertly crafted Canadian roasted coffee.

At a very young age Zack was introduced to specialty coffee. Since the initial spark he has made it his life mission to find the best coffee.

Through his years of making multiple contacts in the Canadian coffee industry he has had the opportunity to cup many wonderful coffees from around the world. With this tremendous experience he has now put it into action. Only working with a select few of the best roasters in Canada to bring his customers coffee that is worthy of the Grassetto label.

His goal is to bring absolute quality coffee to his customers while understanding that coffee is not a stagnate thing and consumers palates and styles change with time. This is what is so exciting about coffee! You are constantly learning new ways to extract the wonderful flavours from it.

Shop Grassetto Coffee in store at Your Independent Grocer or Pino's Get Fresh. Also available online with contactless delivery.