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From pasture to plate, enjoy the health benefits of grass-fed bison products.

Our History
Grand North Bison is a family owned and operated business located in the beautiful Northern Ontario community of Desbarats. Our farm has been in the family since the 1940s.

Local farmer, John Karhi, began with about 5 bison in the early 1990s, adding another 15 after the first year. By 2103, we were up to about 400 bison, and in 2020 we grew to nearly 800 bison.

With a focus on supporting local farmers and businesses, we uphold a strong family tradition of hard work, compassion, and quality.

Our Land
Bison thrive in the Canadian climate. Our farm consists of thousands of acres of land where the bison are free to roam and live off the natural vegetation.

We support a rotational method of grazing where the herd is moved from one field to the next. This ensures the bison have a constant supply of fresh, highly nutritious grass.

We are constantly looking for ways to ensure our farm and land are sustainable and follow compassionate methods of processing.

Our Herd
With a herd of nearly 800 bison, we are the largest bison farm in Eastern Canada.

Our Process: From Pasture to Plate

  1. Natural, rotational grazing methods are used to gain all the benefits of a high-quality, grass fed product.
  2. Visit one of our local suppliers or order online for a variety of products including ground meat, patties, and steaks.
  3. Substitute your bison product in your favourite dishes such as chilli, soups, or main protein. Visit our recipes page for ideas.

Why Bison?
´╗┐For those looking for a red meat alternative to beef but still want that red meat flavour, bison is a great option. It has a similar texture, flavour, and appearance to beef, yet it’s much leaner and more nutrient packed. Not only is bison a healthier meat choice, it’s also the more environmentally friendly option.

 Benefits of Bison

  • Grass-fed, lean meat high in protein
  • Rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Compassionate care and rotational grazing
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Looking for some inspiration? View some of our Bison Recipes here!

Visit our online store to order your bison products.

Our People