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Westminster Scout Group -- a co-ed member of the World Scouting Movement with a 70-year history of service in the Sault area -- is seeking enthusiastic, dependable volunteers interested in joining our leadership team.

While our most-pressing need is for additional section leaders to serve as Assistant Scouters with our Beaver Colony (children 5 to 7 years), under the guidance of a senior Scouter, inquiries regarding roles with other age levels or with our Administrative Section would also be welcomed.

An initial period of screening/training is involved, requiring a commitment to satisfactorily complete the mandated but straightforward preconditions. But your actual services ‘on the floor’ would not be needed until the new year, affording ample time until then to obtain those needed credentials and to learn the basics of the role. The process is even less-involved for those with previous leadership experience or Scouters who may be transferring from elsewhere.

Once ‘invested’ and therefore able to work directly with the youth, we are looking for an ongoing commitment to regularly attend and participate in the weekly meetings (barring holidays and the summer hiatus), and the occasional outings and camps. A dedicated team of Scouters knowledgeable in the many program elements (some 150 years of Scouting experience) is on-hand to provide all the advice necessary to easily navigate the process, start to finish.  There are no initial costs to you, for the Group covers screening/training fees plus expenses for the basic uniform.

The commitment is real, but the personal rewards far out-weigh the effort involved -- teaching the children practical and outdoor skills and a better appreciation for nature and its processes, encouraging teamwork, fostering civic pride and responsibility, and nurturing their self-confidence and sense of worth through their accomplishments.

If interested, or wish further information, please call:

Rod McDonald
Group Commissioner
[email protected]om

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