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The Musical Comedy Guild

The Musical Comedy Guild of Sault Ste. Marie is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing the highest possible quality musical theatre entertainment for the community-at-large while at the same time providing both a training ground and a showcase for the artistic and cultural community of the Algoma region.

We have produced more than 100 musicals as well as a series of cabaret style shows. We have talented and experienced musicians and directors as well as an excellent technical support staff. Our costume department alone contains over ten thousand costumes used by 95 organizations throughout Canada and the U.S. Many of our young actors have received honorariums and bursaries to encourage them financially in pursuing a career in theatre. We have benefitted from many of our alumnae who have returned to the Sault to not only direct, choreograph and produce for the Musical Comedy Guild but instruct workshops with local drama groups as well.

Our People