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Phoenix Rising Womens Centre and Non Profit Homes Inc.

About Us 

Phoenix Rising is a community of women, including service providers and users, who recognize the importance of determining, designing, and delivering support services from a woman’s perspective. As an organization, we strive to be a model of feminist philosophy. We encourage equality for women, respect for individual differences, and the practice of women helping women. We recognize the unequal status of women in our society and are committed to assisting women in gaining control over their lives and in making informed and knowledgeable decisions.

Our services offer a holistic, multi-faceted approach to women’s emotional and physical well-being. Our philosophy is manifested in services which are voluntary, self-directed, respectful, non-judgmental, flexible and informative. We promote skill development and sharing.

In the broadest sense, we seek to promote the equal participation of women not only in their own lives but in the life of the community at large. We believe that this approach leads to the empowerment of women, creating a network of strength and support.

We are committed to making Phoenix Rising accessible to women of all ages cultures, gender identity, gender expressions and ethnicity.

Our People