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Canadian Hearing Society (Sault Ste. Marie)

About Canadian Hearing Services

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) is an industry-leading provider of services, products and education that empower the Deaf and hard of hearing to overcome barriers to participation. We are the largest and only Accredited organization of its kind in North America.

Founded in 1940, CHS provides a broad range of products and services, making it the most comprehensive resource for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Canada. We provide expert advice and communication solutions, such as interpreting and captioning services, accessibility consulting, as well as communication devices designed to improve communication, safety and independence. We also provide counselling, specialized job-related services to support the Deaf and hard of hearing with employment goals, education, including one-on-one language development for Deaf and hard of hearing adults and children, as well as sign language instruction.  Our Audiology program offers one-stop access to a full range of services for adults and children with hearing loss at locations across Ontario. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced audiologists provide hearing tests and help individuals chose hearing aids or communication devices that best meet their needs.

CHS employs approximately 350 people who deliver over 17 programs through a network of 22 offices across Ontario. Our services are provided by highly trained professionals with expertise and experience in meeting the needs of its clients in convenient, accessible, and confidential environments. 

CHS is committed to helping our clients lead rich, full, independent lives. Through our friendly, caring and professional staff, we deliver high quality, innovative products and services that break down barriers to participation, empower individuals and advance hearing health. 

Our People