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Brain Injury Association of Sault Ste. Marie

Purpose of Association

Our purpose is to help all people living with the effects of brain injury.

The Association strives to reduce the impact of brain injuries within our community through education, awareness and support of the survivors and caregivers.

Who We Are

Since 1988, the Brain Injury Association of Sault Ste. Marie and District (BIASSMD) has been helping survivors and their families deal with the effects of acquired brain injury (ABI).

Founded by a survivor, BIASSMD is a charitable, non profit organization that provides free services and resources to survivors of ABI, their families and friends.

Operated by a group of dedicated professionals and volunteers, many of whom have personal knowledge of and experience with an ABI, the Association assists and supports those living with the effects of acquired brain injury in what can be an ongoing complicated and frightening situation.

What The Association Does

The Association does many things, most of which are discussed on other pages where the more detailed and technical can be discussed.  What we want to help you under stand is this:

The Association helps Make the invisible visible!

To often the brain injured are ignored or pushed to the side and not included in social / school / work activities and life.  The Association and its members help the survivors become visible again to family, friends and society.

Members and Volunteers

Our members make up the heart and soul of the association.  They are all volunteers and they help survivors through loving, and selfless support.  Many of the volunteers are survivors of an ABI, although there are many who are caregivers, from families of a survivor, health professionals or concerned citizens who want to make a difference.

The Association welcomes all who wish to participate in supporting the community through our association and programs.

Our People