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VIDEO: Mayor Christian Provenzano answers your questions on the COVID-19 crisis

Saultites sent in questions by the dozen, and we picked some of the most pressing to put to the mayor

We know it's a troubling time for the city, and for the world. And we know you have questions.

So we gathered up as many of them as we could and sat down with the mayor this morning (he at his desk at City Hall, we at our dining room table) to get some answers.

The mayor spent more than 40 minutes addressing your concerns in a video conference call, including:

  • Why can't we have backyard bonfires?
  • What's the deal with property tax relief? Is the city giving people and businesses a break?
  • What do you do if you notice that the neighbourhood kids (or their parents) aren't taking social distancing seriously?
  • Why not close down a street or two so people have room to walk?
  • Should we close grocery stores for one day a week? Can the city even do that?
  • How can the mayor and the city get the message across that people should stay home?
  • What's happening with the city's summer jobs program this year?
  • What is in place for those who are already disadvantaged?

If your question didn't get answered, stay tuned, as SooToday will be bringing you more question and answer sessions with the mayor in the days and weeks to come.