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Startup Sault: Why you can't ignore social media

Social Media can be defined as a set of web-based technologies that form networks of people into communities with the purpose of fostering digital communication and interaction.

Social Media can be defined as a set of web-based technologies that form networks of people into communities with the purpose of fostering digital communication and interaction. 

Business owners tend to undermine the importance of maintaining a well-developed social media presence.

However, the importance of adding social media marketing to your business growth strategy is becoming increasingly paramount.

It would be unwise to consider that social media marketing will dissipate in the near future, especially with the constant development of new social media channels and App’s to help improve overall communication.

Brands that use social media are offered the opportunity to communicate freely with a wide audience that can expand globally.

In fact, social media increases the visibility of your company and can account for a significant portion of your brand’s communication with the public.

Social shares can increase your appearance on various channels as well as raise your rating on search engines.

Having a well developed website can also ensure that your followers can link back to the source, which hopefully can function to retain them as a customer.

A recent study showed that those who invested in social media marketing, found an increase of 74 percent in overall traffic to their website and various social media channels.

Being active on social media certainly is in the best interest of any business.

For this reason, Startup business owners should consider adding a social media element to their business plan or strategy in addition to a well developed website.

For the most part, Facebook, has become a social media network of choice for businesses to establish a presence on.

For example, big box brands like Oreo and Starbucks can be found by typing their name in your Facebook search bar.

The Pew Research Centre confirmed Facebook as the number one social media site with approximately 1.4 billion users who generate 4 billion likes per day!

Setting up a Facebook page, for example, would therefore be a good start.

However, it is also important to maintain a strong social media presence through management and content development.

It is essential to invest in a comprehensive social media-marketing plan in order to reap the rewards of your efforts. Sitting water goes stale fast!

In addition, the ability to retain analytics and feedback is extremely useful.

Startup business owners can apply these findings to better their product and or quality of service.

Most importantly, Startups can also benefit from establishing relationships with existing and new potential customers.

Through research, business owners can pinpoint which social media channel may be best suited for their particular product or service.

This research can also help Startups identify their target demographic.

CC Communications can provide assistance to business owners looking to navigate the waters of the ever-expanding world of digital marketing by offering management assistance and the development of an effective social media strategy.

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About the Author: Connie Carello is the owner of CC Communications and offers social media marketing solutions including set up, management services as well as website development.

She is active in the role of public relations, event planning, and is an avid photographer of Sault Ste. Marie Landscapes. Currently, she is a Secondary Occasional Teacher with the Algoma District School Board and the Communications and Social Media Specialist for StartUP Sault.

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