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Seven winter escapes in Algoma

Trips in Algoma Country that you should be planning right now

This line can be extremely distressing to some and, to others, it means the beginning of their favourite season: winter!  

Why is Algoma Country known as a true lover of the white stuff? Well, we don’t have a lot of choice! With an average snowfall of 10 feet—and that is not a typo—there is so much stuff to do here when the weather gets cold.

So, winter lovers, or those of you who may just want to enjoy this wonderful season, come on! Stop whining! Pack up and come and see what all the fuss is about! Come to see why people travel to Algoma in the winter.

With hundreds of miles of trails that link up to hundreds more, you can spend a day, or a week doing loops in this region.  

What the heck is boondocking anyways? It’s off-trail snowmobiling that happens in a secret place where the powder is the boss.

Despite the fact that ice fishing at times gets a bad rap, you do not have to sit on the ice to take part in this great sport. Heated ice huts are often the way to go. With our fishing resources being stellar in this area, it's no wonder that people travel for miles to ice fish here. We are also home to numerous Ice Fishing Derbies.

- Carol Caputo

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