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Outdoors: Xbox and Dubreuilville connection; it’s a side by side story


My cellphone rings, it’s Gloria from Mosaic Sales Solutions; Mosaic is one of the largest marketing firms in the world. Gloria is working on a project for Xbox Canada and tells me she found our website and saw that we catered to Power-Sports enthusiasts. “Yes”, as I tell her that, “we offer access to some of the best trails in Northern Ontario and we call it the MooseBack Trail System, where logging roads, old mine sites, trappers trails, abandoned rail beds and routes intersect, creating boundless options for outdoor and backcountry motorized vehicle fanatics.”

We discuss how Mosaic is coordinating a Nation Wide promotional campaign for Xbox Canada, as they work their way towards releasing the “Forza Horizon 3” video game -- a car racing video game -- that takes place in Australia. The game is to be released in Montréal on September 27, supported by promotional videos they shoot in various locations and then are released via social media channels as the looming launch day nears. Gloria tells me that this version of Forza Horizon 3 features exclusive “Polaris RZR Side by Sides” for which they need to find shooting locations that will mimic that of Australia’s outback and landscape.

I immediately tell her that Northern Ontario has all that she is looking for, it offers amazing vistas, sandy landscapes, old mine sites, industrial sites, logging roads, trails and rugged areas that could pass off as being Australia. . .it’s Northern Ontario. . . We have a little bit of every geographic landscape in the world right in our backyard. . .wink wink. Having given my best sales pitch, I then sent them some pictures of Algoma Country’s diversified scenery and landscape. . .what I called God’s Country. . .which included action shots of Dubreuilville-ites doing their day in and day out magic riding Side by Sides, ATVs and dual sport motorcycles, mud run and dust ups. It was not long before they were sold on the idea.

- Pat Dubreuil

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