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Outdoors: The land of snow

Why John Arkwright never passes up a chance to sled in Algoma

I never pass on an opportunity to visit and ride the trails of Ontario's Algoma Country as quite simply it offers some of the finest riding you will ever experience. In my 17 years of working for Supertrax I have probably visited and ridden in Algoma Country, I would surmise, at least 10 times.

The beauty of this region is that there is never a lack of snow! Let's face it, with this region situated between two great lakes, Superior and Huron, snow is not an issue.

The Algoma Region boasts over 3,200 km (2,000 miles) of very diverse well groomed trails.

You can take a week's holiday in the southern half of the region from the Sault to Spanish and Elliot Lake and absolutely experience some of the best trail riding you will ever run your carbides over. An excellent 2 or 3 day 503 km (300 miles) loop is the "North Shore Loop".

Starting points for this ride could be either Spanish or Sault Ste. Marie, and this area of Algoma in the interior of this loop offers easily another 2 days of riding where I have without a doubt experienced some of the finest riding you will find ever!

Another option is the "Island Getaway Loop" which can be started at Echo Bay to the West or Thessalon to the East. It is 230 km (140 miles) run that takes in St. Joseph Island.

It is a great ride but be SHARP as whitetail deer are plentiful and like the trails too! If you are staying in the Sault the "City Ride" is a leisurely one day ride of 185 km (110 miles) up thru Goulais River to Searchmont.

This is one of the most scenic rides there is. If Big Miles is your gig then this is your region with 2 awesome Top Trails, D and F heading Due North.

- John Arkwright

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