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Motorcycle touring on the Deer Trail

What does fishing have to do with motorcycle touring? This week's Outdoors in Algoma answers that question

The Laurentian Lodge, Algoma. The day begins like so many in Northern Ontario, with a perfect sunrise reflection over a glass calm lake. The difference on this day is the accompanying rumble of a twin-cylinder boxer engine.

On the moto touring agenda for today is the Deer Trail Loop. The 328-km collection of twisty roads is one of Algoma’s most popular rides. Our early start to the day has nothing to do with ride anticipation, but everything to do with Algoma’s other claim to fame activity: fishing.

What does fishing have to do with motorcycle touring? Absolutely nothing. Confused? Allow me to explain. As a fan of exploring by motorcycle, when I get a regional travel guide in my hand, I feverishly flip through the pages to get to the moto trip planning info I’m after.

In this case the region is Northern Ontario's Algoma, and to get to the goods I flip through page after page of smiling faces and big fish. A light bulb goes off in my brain.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to get in a day of fishing on our next tour?”

Of course, one question leads to another: where, why, and how do I strap a seven-foot fishing rod to a motorcycle?

Enter Frank Clark—lifetime Algoma resident, pro fisherman, and fishing guide who the good folks at Laurentian Lodge simply describe as “the best.” Most importantly, he is the owner of a big, shiny fishing boat full of fishing gear, and a honking big motor strapped to the back. About 45 minutes in to our ride, we trade the rumble of our BMWs for that of a Frank’s Mercury.

I think we would be happy just cruising the lakes in the boat, but five minutes in we come to a stop. Frank hands me a fishing rod and instructs me to cast in the direction of a submerged tree; a couple of turns of the reel and bam, fish on.

Now I do fancy myself a beginner fisherman and have tossed a lure or two; as for my riding partner, not so much. Luckily Frank is what you call an instructional fishing guide—a few pointers and it’s game on.

- Martin Lortz

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