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Icing Algoma square-tails

In this week's Outdoors in Algoma, life is good in the heart of brook trout country
19-01-17 Outdoors in Algoma
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Algoma Country may possess some dramatic landscapes, but from an angling standpoint, her location within the heart of brook trout country is her most distinguishing feature. There are few places on earth that can grow brook trout. They demand cold, clean water protected by wilderness. With hundreds of lakes cradled within a wintery granite landscape, ice fishing is the best way to experience the finest Algoma has to offer. And Algoma’s finest is world class.

Enveloped by frosted cliff faces and cedar-shrouded shorelines swim creatures of savage beauty. Dark olive-green backs are covered with cream-coloured vermiculation. Flanks are be-speckled with red spots surrounded by bluish haloes. Beneath this exquisite collage rests succulent flesh ranging from orange to deep red. The brook, or speckled trout, rounds out its impressive resume with the fact that it bites year-round, especially in the winter. If you are one smitten by the wiles of the speckled trout, winter is too long to go without tangling with this graceful species.

Sequestered within the undulating bedrock of the Canadian Shield are lakes where wild trout amass length and girth. Word of mouth is one way to find waters where trout grow thick and strong but bear in mind that trout anglers often play their cards close to their chests.

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