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Listings By JPSousa


Antique Duncan Fyfe style occassional Table

recently refinished. SF Home. call or text 705-255-2138

Collectible Teddy Bears

Mommy and Daughter Boyd's Bears with red velvet dresses and hats. Quality & clean from a SF PF home $25 for both. call or text 705-255-2138

Collectible Tebby Bear

Collectible Boyd's Bear from a clean SF PF home. Shes adorable in her fur coat and handbag! Call or text 705-255-2138

Collectible Teddy Bear

Mommy and Daughter. Quality & clean RUSS Bears from a SF PF home. $25.00 for both or $20 for the large and $10 for the small one. Call or text 705-255-2138


beautiful large healthy Hostas potted and ready for your garden. $8.00 ea Call or text 705-255-2138

Large Healthy Flowering Shrub

Large healthy shrub ready to plant in your garden. It has already been removed and is in a large pot. Over 5 feet high. Small Leaves that are just starting. will be full. Will have small white

wrought iron open vase/decor

painted butterfly umbrella stand. perfect condition. Wrought iron. call or text 705-255-2138

Leopard Gecko with Terrarium~complete pkg

Large tall EXXO Terrarium double locking front doors. Feeding dishes, Water dish, Climbing Tree, Hiding House, Basking Lamp plus Leopard Gecko. If interested text me and I can send pictures. You will