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Whitefish Island: A local jewel worth exploring (25 photos)

You might even learn something about the area along the way

With COVID-19 travel restrictions, limitations and social distancing we are all doing our part to stay safe.

Many have turned to the local parks and trails for some much needed fresh air, exercise, sightseeing or educational stimulus.  

The walking trails on South St. Mary's Island and the Canal which belong to Parks Canada and Whitefish Island which belongs to Batchewana First Nation are a jewel within the city and certainly a gift for everyone to enjoy.

If you are looking for a day out on those trails, plan to wear good walking shoes, stay hydrated or maybe even carry a camera, binoculars or a field guide.

If you are planning on doing some fishing know the guidelines since the trail area and the waterways within are classified as Wildlife and Provincial Fish Sanctuaries. This does not include the St. Mary's River Rapids — they have regulations of their own. You will see those fisherman accessing the trails to reach the rapids.

Remember to practice responsible stewardship:

  • If you are walking your pets they are required to be leashed
  • Follow all usage rules which are clearly posted
  • Accompany your young children at all times
  • Leave only footprints, take only photos, legal fish and your garbage out with you to a collection container

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About the Author: Violet Aubertin

Violet Aubertin is a photograher and writer with an interest in Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma's great outdoors
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