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Exercise, play, learn some history all in one outdoor space (16 photos)

Bellevue Park has all that and more

Another popular location for Saultites to distance during COVID-19 precautions while staying close to home is Bellevue Park. 

Whether you want to walk, jog, bird watch, play, exercise, picnic, view passing ships and river activity, or treat your eyes to the well-manicured grounds and flowers, Sault Ste. Marie's premier park has something for everyone. 

You could even make it an history lesson. Who was Col. John Prince anyway? When did the park come into existence? How did the park evolve over the years? Where is the park going in the future? 

These are just a few good topics with just a little research prior to going you could make it an excellent learning experience for the kids or even yourself.

The only property within the park that still remains closed due to COVID-19 restrictions is the greenhouse. 

Please practice good stewardship, abide by all posted rules, guidelines and park hours. 

Get out and enjoy.

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About the Author: Violet Aubertin

Violet Aubertin is a photograher and writer with an interest in Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma's great outdoors
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