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A Canada Day kayak gallery in honour of a new tradition (photos)

Freelance photojournalist Violet Aubertin took a paddle down the St. Marys River as part of this year's virtual Parade of Paddles

If not for the ongoing pandemic, today would have marked the third running of the Sault Canal's popular Parade of Paddles, but rather than cancel it the hosts encouraged people to get out and canoe or kayak on their own.

Freelance photographer Violet Aubertin did just that this week, taking in the sights of the St. Marys River in her kayak and the result is the photo gallery above. Here's what Violet had to say:

I chose to paddle the St. Mary's River with my husband June 26, 2020 and June 30, 2020.  I always see different things in the things we may see every day and take for granted, cast aside or devalue. I don't have difficulty staying close to home.  Happy Canada Day!

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