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Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk performs with Sault musician

Musician Mikey Hawdon has had quite the amazing past couple of years, but his most recent achievement might just take the cake

Tony Hawk (aka Birdman) is possibly the world’s most famous professional skateboarder.

In addition to being a skateboarding pioneer, Hawk is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist and has an extremely popular video game series named after him, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

The video game series is widely known for its stellar soundtracks.

This is where Sault-born musician Mikey Hawdon (Inner City SurfersThe Fairmounts, Lion Ride) comes into the picture.

Unbelievably, Hawdon managed to get Hawk to perform one of the songs from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 soundtrack as part of Hawdon’s ongoing Mikey and his Uke performance series.

The video features Hawk singing a cover of punk band Millencolin’s No Cigar.

The thing is - Hawk isn’t known to be a singer.

But Hawk does a great job as a frontman supported by an all-star cast assembled by Hawdon, including pro skater Steve Caballero joining Hawdon on guitar, former Goldfinger member Darrin Pfeiffer on drums, and Millencolin's Nikola Sarcevic on bass and backing vocals.  

Hawdon’s achievement with Hawk even made news at, a leading magazine and online news site for guitarists.  

The video which is available on Hawdon's YouTube channel reached nearly 30,000 views in a matter of hours the day it was released and is currently around 100,000 views.

The footage of Hawdon was shot just outside the city limits at the old Pruce's Inn.

Watch Mikey and his Uke’s cover of Millencolin’s No Cigar featuring professional skater Tony Hawk.