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Saultites’ short action film closer to completion (8 photos)

Project enters its post production phase with a goal of concluding the project in late summer

Last June, Sootoday talked to Saultites Jade Yurich (formerly Robertson) and Jamie Hegland about the short action film they were developing

The short film Figures is being described as a “visceral action short, sure to pack a punch with high energy, thrilling combat.”

The film follows a Special Forces officer who is captured, tortured and conditioned by a criminal syndicate with intentions to release his lethal potential upon their rival criminal organization.

“Right now we're full-in on post production and are finishing some last minute additions to the film to really round out the story,” says Jade Yurich.

Once the duo makes final edits, the film will be passed off to the post-production crew.

“The post production phase includes finishing the offline edit, handing it over to our colourist and sound team, and then doing an overall pass with some VFX adjustments,” says Yurich.

Then the duo will add the finishing touches with an original score by a composer.

“Hopefully by summertime, we will have a finished, polished cut that we will push to include in some serious film festivals.”

Yurich notes that several friends from the Sault went to Toronto where the filmmakers currently live, to participate in the filmmaking process. 

“They wanted to experience what it’s like to be on a film,” says Hegland.

“We even had one of these friends participate as an extra performing some stunts. It was exciting to see how they reacted to being involved in this new world. It was great to have a lot of Sault presence throughout this film because we are representing it full-on.”

Hegland notes that they are always looking for more Saultites who are interested in getting involved in this or future projects.

“We know that it is difficult to get into film in the north and what we want to do is find local talent who are interested in getting an introduction into this world of stunts and film to build up a roster of potential 'stuntees' for the future,” he says.

One of the ways they hope to generate more Sault interest and participation in their film projects is by creating a local stunt workshop in the city.

“By bringing awareness and opportunities we could help give the proper information and lessons we’ve learned in order to make the ‘first steps’ into the business a little less chaotic,” says Hegland, who believes that there is a great amount of talent in the Sault.

Yurich agrees.

“We would bring those people out to refine those special skills and show them how to potentially pursue this line of work realistically. We're hoping people can catch the bug just like Jamie did,” he says.

“We completely intend on bringing the film home to have private screenings, premieres and hopefully, fingers crossed, an acceptance into the one and only Sault Film Festival.”

Yurich's plan for the Sault would be to bring more feature-length and long-form series productions home.

He believes the city has a wealth of incredible resources, from proximity to breathtaking locations, but also the talent pool.

Yurich notes that financing opportunities through Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) and tax credits are a great incentive for more film work to take place in Sault Ste. Marie and that his future goals include using the city as a home base.

"I owe a lot to my hometown for everything it's given me, through my directing and producing career,” he says.

“I'd like to take the opportunity to give back."

Hegland and Yurich note that they will be developing a digital cinema package, the standard that has replaced 35mm prints, when exhibiting final copies to a cinema.

“We will be creating that through our friends at [Sault-based] company Rolling Pictures, this post-process will be made smoother and more efficient,” says Yurich.

“We absolutely love and appreciate their work.” says Hegland.

Hegland recognizes that there is still a lot of work left to do on the film, but is excited to reach the finish line.

“We are proud of the work we have done and can’t wait to show audiences our finished product.”

The filmmakers have already reached almost 30 per cent of their $10,000 fundraising goal on Indiegogo, where you can get the chance to learn more about the filmmaking journey and all the people involved in the project.

Find out more about Jamie Hegland and Jade Yurich on their Instagram pages.