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‘Pipe dreams’ to reality: Ava Nori publishes poetry collection

Local author’s new book was published by Tagona Press.
Ava Nori's new collection of poetry entitled 4:16 A.M. was published through Tagona Press.

Ava Nori is no stranger to the art world.

She grew up “heavily immersed in the arts.”

During her junior years of high school, she knew that she loved writing.

The young writer, who comes from an artistic family, initially used songwriting as her creative outlet.

“I started by writing songs, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t the best vessel of delivery for my work,” says Nori.

“I transferred over to writing poetry and prose and found a lot more confidence and freedom within those forms.”

It was when she was deciding what program to enrol in for university that she started to feel conflicted. 

“I felt very lost trying to decide what to study at university or what career path felt right for me,” says Nori.

“I wanted to go into law or the medical field which felt practical and safe, but my heart wasn’t in that. I took a creative writing course and quickly realized becoming a writer was my calling. I wanted to turn what I thought was a pipe dream into a reality.”

So Nori began a journey which has now led her to publish her first book of poetry with Tagona Press, entitled 4:16 A.M, on Jan. 16 of this year.

“I connected with Tagona Press by chance,” says Nori.

“I was at a music video shoot for a local musician and Bryan Davies, who is the co-founder of Tagona Press, was there. He and I started talking and he asked me to send him my writing. Creatives in the Sault have a special way of finding each other.”

Nori clearly made an impression on Davies and the publishing company.

The publisher’s description of Nori’s work on their website is telling and suggests her work spoke to them.

Their statement reads, “there is simply nothing better than working with smart, talented, and committed creative people. Ava Nori fits this bill beautifully.” 

Tagona Press goes on to describe Nori as a “rising star.”

The young author’s writing is complemented in the collection with photos by local photographer Emma Marttinen.

The cover of the book was designed by designer and artist Aaron Alessandrini.

As for the choice of name for the collection, Nori notes that coming up with it was a combination of chance and nostalgia for a time in her past when she was growing up in Toronto.

“The title of this collection is something I hold very close to my heart,” she says.

“The title came from being on tour with Mustang Sally years ago. We were in Toronto and I couldn’t sleep that night. I’m originally from there so the bittersweetness of returning home really got to me.”

In her restless state, Nori looked up at the clock and it read “4:16 a.m.”

“416 happens to also be the area code for Toronto. This collection [reflects] those thoughts that keep us awake as night turns into day. The title 4:16 A.M captures that essence, but also pays homage to where I’m from.”

The collection was first released in digital form as an e-book, but a hard copy version is currently available for pre-sale.

“I wanted to release a hard copy in addition to the e-book because there’s a certain magic to holding a physical book in your hands that an e-book doesn't evoke.”

With the hard copy of the book coming out imminently, Nori is planning an open-invite event.

“In February, we’re planning to have the launch party at the Art Hub in the Sault. I’ll be doing a reading of poems from the collection and new work, along with a Q&A session.”

Expect to hear more from Nori in the coming years as she continues her journey in the arts.

“Creating and performing have always felt purposeful to me and like second nature. The arts are about human connection and expression. It’s what makes me feel alive and draws me to all forms of creative expression.”

Digital and hard copies of 4:16 A.M. can be purchased online at

For more information on Ava Nori and her artistic endeavours, visit her Instagram page.

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