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Jonesy Land releases sentimental new video

Dustin Jones new song 'Old Man' may surprise fans of his older, more raucous music

Dustin Jones latest single “Old Man,” from Jonesy Land’s zoom out, is a song unlike any he has written in the past.

The single has been spotlighted by a brand new music video that beautifully captures the essence of the song.

“This was my first singer-songwriter record so I wasn’t sure how it would be received,” says Jones.

“I wanted to put it out and wait and see what happens. I have gotten so many positive messages full of love saying how the songs have moved them.”

Jones notes that not every reaction has been positive.

“I also received some very angry, hateful [messages]. Both responses mean the songs are touching people, and to me that means we did a good job.”

The song’s lyrics take a poignant look at our own mortality and the legacy we leave for the next generation.

“Old man, it's time to finally rest my friend, we've made humans
It's only them now that matters, just sunshine and flowers
They'll be okay because of you old man they'll say
Never too high, never too low, just enjoying the show.”

As an artist who spent a good portion of the last 20 years living the music lifestyle at a breakneck speed, the sentiment in Old Man strikingly is different than say a song like “Booze ‘n’ Doobs” by his band the Inner City Surfers.  

A lot has to do with Jones’ changing views on life.

 “Old man is basically a conversation with myself telling the young and wild Dustin Jones that’s it’s okay to embrace this chapter of life,” he says.

“That it’s okay to rest a little and enjoy the show. As a human it seems like we are constantly battling between ambition and gratitude. I know I certainly am. There is definitely a beauty and a sadness that comes along with the closing and opening of chapters. The birth of loved ones and the loss of others. For anyone with a heart, life is no picnic but behind all the hurt is the proof for the existence of love. I would like to hope we captured some of that feeling.”

Jones says he and his co-producer Frank Deresti spent a lot of time letting the musical accompaniment present itself slowly over time.

“I have never had to listen, wait, and experiment so much on any previous songs,’ says Jones.

“It was a very natural, gradual process as they all revealed themselves. It was kind of magical.”

The video that accompanies the new single was directed Kevin Rusnell and Ryan Markkula from DIG, a local digital consulting company.

“When the album came out two months ago Kev and Ryan at DIG reached out to me with the concept of the TVs in the forest playing a bunch of my previous videos,” says Jones.

“It’s a reflection on the past type deal. The pictures and storyboard they laid out looks identical to what the location ended up looking like. I have never worked on a video where the concept and idea looked so close to the final product. The dudes there are absolute pros. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the entire DIG team.”

Jones hasn’t taken the songs out for a drive in the live context yet, but he is planning to.

“Frank and I are just in the process of putting together the right players and organizing a show for the fall,” says Jones.  

“I want to make sure the show is an experience and we do the songs justice live. Everything about this record has moved at its own pace. Its a brand new market for me, I was expecting a slow burn.”

Jonesy Land’s zoom out is available for streaming on all the usual platforms.

Find out more about Dustin Jones and Jonesy Land here.

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