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ONTARIO: 'Three men in a hot tub' trillium logo is about to get scrapped

The trillium is Ontario's official flower and literally means 'three-parted lily'
Ontario's Trillium logo has been described as 'three men in a hot tub.'

Premier Doug Ford risks getting into hot water with Ontarians by ordering a redesign of the 'three men in a hot tub' trillium logo.

The provinces trillium logo, which is based on the flower of the same name, is slated to get cut. 

This is all part of a government rebrand that's set to scrap the 'Yours to Discover' license plate slogan. 

'Yours to Discover' has been used for 37 years, while the trillium logo for has been in place for 13.

The new logo will be widely used, and the Premier has said they will also be included on the new license plates.

Changing the trillium logo design is estimated to cost taxpayers around $89,000.

The logo was last changed in 2006 under the Liberal government, with then-premier Dalton McGuinty. 

- With files from Jeff Turl / BayToday