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CANADA: Canadian astronauts will be going to the moon in 2022

Astronaut, NASA image

LONGUEUIL, Que. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada will be "going to the moon" as a partner in a NASA-led project.

NASA is embarking on the creation of its new Lunar Gateway, a space station it plans to send into orbit around the moon starting in 2022.

The plan calls for a sustainable lunar architecture that would allow people and equipment to go back and forth to the moon regularly, NASA says.

It is also described as a first step toward deeper space exploration, including a mission to Mars.

Trudeau said today at the Canadian Space Agency that the partnership in the Lunar Gateway will be part of a new space strategy that will see the federal government invest $2.05 billion over 24 years.

He said the investment will create hundreds of well-paying jobs and contribute $100 million annually to Canada's gross domestic product.

- The Canadian Press