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Several Algoma mayors acclaimed, Lamming out in Prince (updated)

A number of incumbent councillors return as well
Mike Purvis/SooToday

The following are election results from across the Algoma region.

Prince Township

In Prince Township, longtime mayor Ken Lamming (270) was unseated in a very tight race by Enzo Palumbo (290). 

Incumbent Eurgene Caputo (294) will be joined by newly-elected councillors Melanie Mick (443) and Jane Weir (393).

Township of Plummer Additional

In the Township of Plummer Additional, incumbent mayor Beth West was reelected with 106 votes over challenger William Jordan's count of 78.

Keith Hoback (129), Mike Jones (152), Boris Koehler (112), and Kelly Warwick, all incumbents, were elected to council.

Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional

Mayor Lynn Watson was acclaimed in the Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional.

Elected as councillors are Shelly Bailey, Parker Brockelbank, Adam Chevis, and Derek Hansen.

Township of Tarbutt and Tarbutt Additional

Lennox Smith was acclaimed mayor of the Township of Tarbutt.

Elected to council are Ursula Abbott, David Farrar, Darren McClelland, and Jacqui Nagel.

Township of Laird

Shawn Evoy has been elected mayor of the Township of Laird with 359 votes. Mayoral candidate Frank Turco received 144 votes.

Elected as councillors are incumbents Todd Rydall and Edward Lapish. New to council are Matthew Frolick and Wayne R. Junor.

Township of St. Joseph

Incumbent Jody Wildman returns as mayor of the Township of St. Joseph with a comfortable margin of 91 votes as he claimed 452 votes and the next runner-up, Barry Elliott, claimed 361 votes.

Steven Adams (584), Bryon Hall (548), Cameron Ross (586) and Greg Senecal (514) will make up the township council.

Village of Hilton Beach

In the Village of Hilton Beach, also, the mayor and all candidates were acclaimed. 

Robert Hope returns as mayor. Brian Delvecchio and Robert MacKay return to council and new councillors Sally Cohen and Kristopher Desjardin join them. 

Township of Hilton

The Township of Hilton also acclaimed all positions with Mayor Rodney Wood returning as mayor, councillors David Leask and Mike Garside returning to council while Mike Trainor and Janet Gordanier joining them. 

Township of Jocelyn

Mark Henderson has been elected reeve of the Township of Jocelyn with 314 votes. Competitor Brian Dukes received 166 votes.

Janet Callahan, Albert Crowder, Greg Gilbertson, and Faye Stevens were elected as councillors.

Township of Johnson

Mayor Reginald McKinnon has been acclaimed in the Township of Johnson.

Elected to council are Emma Aelick-Junor, Keith Stobie, Dalton MacFarlane, and Jason Kern.

Town of Bruce Mines

Lory Patteri (incumbent) was elected mayor of Bruce Mines with 131 votes. Mayoral candidate Jim McCulloch received 107 votes.

Elected to council were Mariola Morin (incumbent), Jody Orto (incumbent), Shane Rock, and Jamie Stopes.

Township of Thessalon

The mayor and all members of council in the Township of Thessalon were acclaimed with five of six incumbent councillors. 

Bill Rosenberg returns as mayor. Councillors Lindsay Tallon, Randy Rankin, Tracey Cook, Jordan Bird and Marcel Baron return to council with new member Kevin King joining.

Blind River

In the Town of Blind River, five of six council members and the mayor were acclaimed to their seats. No one ran for the sixth seat. Council will have to figure out how they will fill that seat when council meets again.

Town of Spanish

In the Town of Spanish, Karen Von Pickartz unseated incumbent Jocelyne Bishop with 88 per cent of the votes. Von Pickartz finished with 295 votes to Bishop's 42. 

Mary-Louise Zarichney (273), Sandra Trudel (295) and Debra Joncas (263) return to council with newly-elected councillor Ted Clague (221).

White River

In White River, two incumbent councillors are acclaimed but results are not yet available for the mayor's seat.

Wawa has counted its votes. Melanie Pilon has been acclaimed as mayor. Elected as councillors are Joseph Opato (398), Jim Hoffmann (523), Mitch Hatfield (392), and Cathy Cannon (406).


Like Blind River, the Township of Hornepayne has acclaimed all seats with Mayor Cheryl Fort returning as well as three incumbent councillors. A fourth councillor was uncontested for the seat.

Councillors Drago Stefanic, Peter Kistemaker and Belinda Lee Kistemaker are returning to their seats and will be joined by Ted Scheniman.


In Dubreulville, Beverly Nantel was acclaimed as mayor.

Helene Perth, Luc Levesque, Krystel Levesque, and Julila Hemphill were elected as councillors.


In Chapleau, new mayor Ryan Bignucolo was acclaimed. Also acclaimed were all four councillors, only one of which was incumbent.

Alex Lambruschini, Paul Bernier, and Catherine Ansara are acclaimed new councillors and Lisi Bernier is the returning incumbent council. 


Hearst has reelected five of six councillors and the mayor.

Roger Sigouin returns in a landslide with 964 votes over challenger Edward Williamson who secured 189 votes.

On council, Josée Vachon (945), Daniel Lemaire (809), Joël Lauzon (668), Martin Lanoix (771), Gaëtan Baillargeon (859) return to council with new member Nicolas Picard (780).

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