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Rattler makes rare appearance - on golf course

Monday, July 23, 2012   by: Staff



Rattlesnake returned to its natural habitat

BLIND RIVER, ON – At approximately 7:30 a.m. on July 21, 2012, the East Algoma OPP in Blind River received a call to attend the local golf course regarding the possible sighting of a rattlesnake.

Police attended the first tee and located the snake. 

An officer was able to capture the animal unharmed and the Ministry of Natural Resources was contacted. 

The MNR confirmed that the snake was indeed a Mississauga Rattler. 

The snake was relocated by the MNR 800 meters south of where it was found in an area not likely to be frequented by people or pets.

The last report of a Mississauga Rattler sighting was back in 1992.


To read today's OPP Beat report, click here.

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learningaswego 7/23/2012 1:57:46 PM Report

...relocated it 800 meters south of....

well, should be back to #1 tee in no time then.
OMGWTF 7/23/2012 2:00:40 PM Report

It should be a Massasauga Rattlesnake not Mississuaga.
MR40 7/23/2012 2:17:00 PM Report

didnt even know we had them here?
Oldie Goldie 7/23/2012 2:39:33 PM Report

I agree with learningaswego---moving the snake 800 metres away will solve nothing---If it is a true Rattlesnake it is far too dangerous to move it anywhere but getting rid of it completely is the only answer.
The bushes of Northern Ontario have been free of dangerous snakes for a long time---If the snake has a mate there soon will be hundreds of Rattlers.
Golfers beware !
anapeg 7/23/2012 2:53:21 PM Report

According to Google and their knowledgeable people we have no rattlers around here. There areas of habitation in Ontario are extremely small. May haps our on the ball MNR staff will enlighten them and then kill the snake.
scott240 7/23/2012 2:54:51 PM Report

I'm surprised it wasn't "dispatched".
chevy4x4 7/23/2012 3:10:30 PM Report

These snakes have been sited in several places. As our climate changes and this region gets warmer the snakes will and are starting to move into the area. We should start educating ourselves and our children about snake safety and what to do in the event of a bite.
anapeg 7/23/2012 3:51:14 PM Report

If you happen to get a fair distance into the backwoods with your buds and get bit on the butt, right there you will learn who is and is not your "friend",
TankGirl 7/23/2012 4:03:57 PM Report

These snakes are very much alive and well in Searchmont. Lived out there, have seen them and heard them many times.
FrancoOntarienne1 7/23/2012 4:16:54 PM Report

Massassauga Rattle Snakes are on the endangered species list.
saultresident 7/23/2012 4:39:59 PM Report

Better hope no one gets bit around here. The anti-venom is kept in Parry Sound. I remember watching an article on it on the MCTV News a while back.
rockbottom 7/23/2012 5:21:32 PM Report

I'll just throw another iron in the golf bag, #11 snake hook, but not for the dog-leg left, for the snake-eyes right. Didn't think it was possible, but golfing just got tougher, but can't let it rattle us.
kamen 7/23/2012 6:17:57 PM Report

think you mean 800 miles, or km or something else not metres. Crazy though, just goes to show how far they can make it, and that we gotta be careful even if they aren't frequent here.
the coach 7/23/2012 7:05:49 PM Report

Its only a snake, give us a break. When I was six I had pet snakes, and not in a cage. And then I grew up and realized we are surrounded by 2 legged snakes.

goneracin45 7/23/2012 8:49:49 PM Report

Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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